Some Examples of how to Make Centerpieces with our Lanterns...

martes, 14 de junio de 2011

What souvenir will choose for your wedding?

So we are looking for Souvenirs for your wedding, "Bombonera" in Italian.

Sometimes guests do not even bother to bring them home and are left on the tables. (PS That's really rude. The couple spend much time to choose the souvenirs and spend $10 or more, the least we can do is take them home and deal with them later.)

Any Way!

To avoid losing money, we'll find something that nobody is going to leave behind.

Wedding Souvenirs are a long tradition in many cultures, regarded as a thanksgiving offering. The first records of such gifts to several European countries was in the ages 16 to 18.

But it was not what was in the box was expensive. Cubes of sugar and confectionery are usually presented in a "Bombonera", a small glass box, precious stones, or porcelain. It was a sign of wealth and privilege to give wedding guests a gift or Souvenir for their assistance.

Once sugar became common, the masses took the custom of offering wedding souvenirs for the guests follow the original tradition.

Later, the nuts were used instead of sweets, which are said to symbolize the gifts of fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness the bride and groom want in their new life together.

Around 13th century, confetti or sugar and almonds introduced the combination of the two traditions of almonds and sugar in a unique gift.

Today, the wedding souvenirs is another important ingredient in the purchase list when it comes to your wedding. But the good news is ... the days of sweet almonds are over! (Let's face it!-Who really really likes them?)

Now a souvenir can be anything you want - and more and more popular are the souvenirs and useful gifts, so your guests will love and cherish long after your special day!

Let's look at our popular souvenirs, incredible surprise your guests - these and many more available in unlimited quantities for sale on our Miranda's Essentials Kiosk.

These Lamps/Lanterns are beautiful and people can put in their room, garden or patio in different ways. The good thing about our candle lanterns, is that we offer large and small in the same style, where you can use the large for centerpieces and the small as souvenirs and will make a perfect combination according to the decoration in your special day.

As an example, you can use the...

"White Railroad Candle Lanterns - #39572"...

and make this beautiful decoration, ad to your taste with candles, candy or even a picture of the couple inside each one, the imagination is limitless!

Or also to those that are more concervatives and want a Moroccan style, Miranda's Essentials offers dozens of different Moroccans styles, sizes, and colors, as...

"Moroccan Tabletop Lantern - #38566"

Which you can do something as this beautiful sample photos!

I would not want to give you some ideas to finish without adding the beautiful

"White Medallion Lantern - #13358"

And proudly present one of my favorite weddings that using this light in different sizes, was conducted elegant centerpieces and the wedding was the central issue between their family and friends for months!! And I'm sure that's what you want for yours...

"Large White Moroccan Lantern - #38466"

These lanterns are not only to decorate weddings, are also well received at graduation, Baby Showers, Special Activities Churches and more.

Here are some of our large lanterns, with different colors, combined, large great as a centerpieces and the smaller ones as a souvenir...

Miranda's Essentials not only offers Lanterns, you can also use our Candleholders, Oil Warmer, Glass Figurines, and our famous special candles as the Candle Marriage Prayer...

and these beautiful glass figurines are excellente  for "wedding souvenir".

In short, it Lanterns, Candleholders, Candle or candy, the most important is to do all your decorations according to your personality, be different and have fun in what you're going to do is, remenber Is't Your Day!

New products are added daily so be sure to give them a look at!

and Congratulations!

Maria Ines Miranda
Founder of Miranda's Essentials